Inaccurate server #s

  • I’m only posting this obvious bug because it isn’t in the official bug list. When browsing game servers they often show up as having more or less players on them than how much are actually on the server. Like joining a server that says its got 20 people on and its actually empty, etc. This should be a priority as finding a server that meets one’s criteria is a very important part of the game, and right now the servers are a guessing game. Thanks

  • I think we finally fixed this recently. Next patch will be relatively soon and contain a lot of fixes that we didn’t have time to include in CU1.

  • On my server sometimes if a player gets kicked it will still show them as taking up a player slot. I’m guessing this is the same issue. I have my server automatically restart when it’s empty and that usually deals with the problem, but too many griefers can really fill up the server slots fast.

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