Mods, can we have a video forum section?

  • I posted this also under the video thread within ‘general discussion’

    I’ve submitted a bunch of videos here (video thread), and i don’t like the fact that we have to post all video’s in one thread. I want to make individual threads on my videos so i can actually get feedback and stuff. There’s no point in putting all the videos in one big pool. Then you have replies going to some videos, not others, and it’s all selective and shit It’s unorganized because you don’t have just video’s in there either, you also have discussion, you have people commenting on videos whether good or bad, then you have counter-responsess and crap all mudding it up… Mods… can we create a VIDEO SECTION on the forums rather than a single thread in ‘general discussion’. Us guys that make videos want to promote our stuff and get it viewed… many people don’t realize the amount of time it takes to make a single video. Hell the last one i did that was 45 min long (granted very long video) probably took me over 8 hours to put together. It’s not so much the editing… but leafing through all of your footage that you recorded to find good footage of stuff. It takes SO MUCH TIME to produce a decent video… even ones where you do NO editing can still take a and hour or more just to produce/upload… and we want them seen… i don’t think everyone is checking the video section. I could be wrong but it would be more beneficial for us if we could get individual feedback for individual videos… not pooling them all together. Currently i use multiple venues (reddit, steam, this forum) but this forum is specific for chivalry and we can’t submit our own individual threads for videos UNLESS they are strategy/tips? If that’s the case can i just SAY that my videos are strategy guides and have them not have to do with strategy at all? lol. Lets get a video section pretty pweeeze!

    In the video section, you could even combine in the strategy tips videos. I say on the main page you have a video section. Then under that you have different sub-sections for things that people may want to post and that way people can find videos that will interest them. You could have a strategy/tips section. Funny video section. Gameplay/commentary sections, etc, etc… and i think this would be much better than having the ‘thread’ for videos.

    please please please make this happen sometime. i would love you guys if you did.

    Just a thought… thanks

  • Done.

  • Plonked the screenshots / stories there too. :)

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