Playing around with server filter completely breaks browser?

  • Every time i change settings in the server filter, and i get no options, i cannot revert and find servers again because the filter options seem to stick regardless of deleting them and trying to search for any and every server, nothing will come up. This happens even after multiple game restarts and will always happen, had this problem since the games release and i have gone through the fixes such as ensuring i have MasterServer2.vdf in steam config.

    I play dozens of other online games with my current setup and have absolutly no issues with any of them, except this one. Seems to be an issue related to the game itself.

  • Yeah, the browser is pretty unreliable if you ask me. Seems like you just have to try until it decides to work.

  • Well, the only way to get the server browser to work is to wait for current refresh to finish, and ONLY then play around with filters before hitting refresh. If you’ll interrupt the refresh, most of the time it will break until you’ll restart the game.

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