Several broken model and anim bugs after major update 1

  • The first to admit is broken model when crouching on hill (the left cut leg appears on the back of the model)… see screens

  • The second bug is a broken weird animation of shield sheathing when switching from 1 key button (a flail with shield) to 4 key button (fists). Moreover - after choosing fists that shield is not attached to the model - it disappears. For me it was true when choosing a mason knight with any flail (the round shield is taken by default)… See screens.

  • I have reported it already in beta bugs, now have screens…:
    Battlecry animations of vanguard for polearm type weapons still causes the weapon to jitter in 3-p view. Moreover in a 1-p view we can see a weapon in the left hand but in a 3-p view - it remains in the right hand. It especially confusing when you watch your shadow while performing a battlecry - in a 1-p view revolving a bardishe in the left hand (new animation) and your shadow revolves that bardishe in a right hand…

  • Moooders!! :))
    Have You seen this my bug report? If not pls inspect it again and include in bug list…

  • Nice catches!:) Especially the one with the vanguard’s taunt is silly:))

  • Good reports, not sure how these were buried before. Thanks for bumping them.

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