Lag after content update patch ?

  • Hi guys,

    First time poster, long time reader. (Since October, anyway…)

    I’d like to begin by saying that I love Chivalry and think that you guys have done a great job with it.

    Down to business then. I’ve been hosting a server ever since I started playing in October. Until the content update patch, everything ran smoothly. After the update, several regulars complain that they get a lot of lag. I have noticed that the pings are higher than before, but sometimes they complain about lag with a ping of 40 and they start teleporting all over the place. This happened today with a friend of mine who’s in the same country and used to play without a problem.

    This problem crops up more often in duel mode. Today a lot of people complained during the dining hall map.

    Anyone else getting this ? Nothing else on my server has changed since the update. :(

    Thanks for your time.

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