Unlockable Items?!

  • I read Loire’ thread and I agree with it totally. But some small improvements should be given to the people who have taken the time to play the game alot. Now, back when Call of Duty implemented unlockable weps and what not, I was not so sure of it, and I was right. I have hated every Call of Duty in multiplayer since the unlockables were introduced. And hell, go out and buy CoD2, and play it for a bit. There is still hordes of people playing it because it’s Call of Duty, without unlockables.

    Things that could be implemented in CBA wep wise, is say, when you get to a certain rank of a vanguard you get a spear. (Please god/developers NO GLAIVES) wich is good for thrusting, and nothing else. Sure you can slap someone up side the head with a spear, but it’s not going to do as much as thrusting. So that would be balanced because the Vanguard would be a strong team mate, but a Man-At-Arms would have to help protect that Vanguard.

    Also, other unlockables, could be some cool hats. Like those bug hats with a feather coming out, like the 3 Mucketeer’s have in all the old movies. Just for looks. Or for the devs ;)

    Who else wants custom shields design?!

    There is endless things that could be added, as long as it dosn’t do more damage with the same attack speed or so.

    Also, here is something totally different, but 2H swords should be ALOT slower in the new game since you have more resources. I can not tell you how difficult it is to swing a sword the size and make of what you are portraying in AOC. Only a master of 2H could maybe swing as fast as a lighter 1H sword.

  • @SirAgmund:

    Or for the devs ;)

    Yeah! I want a double visored close helmet with my name on it! :lol:

  • That’s the spirit.

    Now read the rest and comply! :twisted:

  • Custom shield designs are nice in theory….

  • Cutom shield designs were first intorduced in DMoMM, http://eye.clan.su/clan_maks/EYE_logo.jpg - Could be really nice if we could custom the shields and so everyone can see them :P
    Also, as for the hats, goddamn, ME WANTS, I want a viking helmet or a motorcycle helm for the sake of it :D

  • Nice shield you got there.

  • This would be way to easy to abuse…

    I have no intention of delving into more detail, 'tis gruesome.

  • Penis on shield you mean?

  • Moving hypnotic wheel on shield = Win.

  • Custom shield, where you can alter between a few pre-set designs, and alter the color of some elements.
    Imagine if you give the UDK material system for players to (ab)use to their liking. Throbbing penises galore.

  • Color modification actually isnt too hard, but you could end up seeing bright pink shields or something ridiculous that just break the style of the game. As I said, its nice in theory, but it won’t work in practice

  • Why do you say that I want my armor to be pink whats wrong with that, it’s just a color.

    Do you have evidence that there wasn’t some knight with a pink armor in the old ages?

  • And The Verdict Is…

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  • You could always get to choose between certain colors chosen by the dev teams that “fit” into the game´s visual style.

  • I already see alot of pink knights “coming out of the closet” in this game.

    where’s that pic… ah yes :)

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