• Will there be a ‘co-op’ mode or so to speak.
    I mean, I think it would be cool if you could get a large amount of real players and have to besiege a castle full of NPCs

  • Not initially, although the team have thought long and hard about a co-op mode, with such suggestions being raised and discussed on the public forums regularly in the past.

    Although Chivalry will not initially ship with this type of gamemode, that does not mean that it could not be an unofficial mod created with the SDK, or DLC in the future 8-) We will have to see!

  • Thanks for that.
    I knew it wouldn’t come out originally but I thought it could be a cool thing to bring out in the feature.

  • No worries!

    Perhaps you could re-start one of the open co-op type threads currently in the suggestions board, i.e. the survival gamemode idea thread. Enough interest and attention could interest modders and developers alike ;)

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