Two suggestions for Stoneshill map

    I suggest different place for respawn in the final stage of map. I would putt it in the room which is now behind bars. Middle bars would be changed for wooden door so players wouldnt be seen respawning and couldnt be shot. Two smaller bars would be gone and path would be blocked from outside. Respawn would be longer for a bit.
    Playtime of this map could be longer. There could be objective between breaking the gate and killing the king. Agatha should hold the room behind broken gate. There would be a bar which would grow with every mason soldier in the room and lower down with every agatha soldier. That place is totally unexploited. Only way in is gate so there would be pretty massacre. Agatha would spawn on the yard and mason in the river. Agatha would have big upper hand in only one way in so respawn should be long but when it would get breached and fight would take place in the room mason would be in advantage so bar should fill slowly.

    In this scenario there would have to be a barrier so mason couldnt get on yard when agatha respawns there. This could be exploited in final objective. Mason could spawn in the room instead before the gate and thus agatha could have smaller respawn

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