[Mech] The Southpaw

  • With the inclusion of alternate attack, I can finally play as I normally think in the midst of combat. I am a lefty irl along with normally southpaw or switch in a fighting/primary position. Having been forced to play right handed, I have attuned myself to how most right-handed style players are.

    My goal, with this page, is to have a more in-depth view at playing “Southpaw”. What I have done, as I’m sure others before me have, is replaced my LMB “normal” swing with the alternate attack. Here’s some more details on what I have immediately found.

    -For me being left-handed, it feels normal swinging to the right from the left.
    -Though you swing to the right on the first attack, you are still holding the weapon in your right hand.
    -As noted with the above fact, having a shield without proper battle awareness can cripple your FoV.

    NOTE: I am not actively using shields anymore but am trying to experiment with them.

    I have immediately noticed that very few people are expecting the first attack to come from their right side which has immediate benefits on leading in attacks and of course mix up. To play Southpaw the absolute best is to be able to understand the primary form and mentality of righties while being more than adept at fighting while having your off-side vulnerable.

    For those that are not naturally left-handed, I would encourage you to try using the alt atk as a primary. The people that play non-duel and slash spammers won’t really see any difference in swinging from either side lest they pay attention to the side people hold shields (their left hand-facing them->your right side). What it will entail for those that covet the slash command is a better ratio of hits that aren’t blocked properly (assuming you vary the height at which you attack). I might, however be overestimating the nature of attacking from the southpaw side in terms of the direction one would need to block parry vs had the attack being dealt from the primary side. This will need further investigation

    For duels, I believe the alternative attack in both combo and single format will undoubtedly be the primary attack for serious duelist vs shield users. Attacking the undefended side of the body makes using a shield very difficult to do if you care to counter. I am or perhaps was a shield user for an MAA normally for vs archers games. Given how you have to more actively use a shield much close to the level of parrying, I would venture to say I won’t touch the shield much. The game itself has become much more attack oriented. Here’s my take.

    Means of defense:
    1. Parry/block
    2. Reposition
    3. Take hit-strikethrough
    4. MaA dodge

    Means of Offense
    1. Primary atk
    2. Alt Atk
    3. Stab
    4. Overhead
    5. Sprint Atk (multiple variations)
    6. Jump Atk (multiple variations)
    7. Shove/kick
    8. Feint
    9. Combo (1st/2nd atk miss lead-ins and the normal string)
    10. Ranged weapon atk
    11. Others I didn’t list.

    Point is, with defense being minimal, and having blocking/parrying to be more active (difficult), it makes less sense in terms of skill improvement and mechanic capitalization (using the game mechanics to the fullest) to use a shield and not use alt atk primarily/mix up. This isn’t to say the shields are useless and to do away with the primary atk, this is more of a notice for those that rely/relied on the “old ways” of doing things. You will have to work a lot harder to block people now and being on the defense isn’t a cakewalk. Likewise, you can better protect yourself from those that choose to go southpaw by being aware of how they will engage you and when/where you are disadvantaged.

    That said, back to the Southpaw. Regardless of whom you are playing against keep these things in mind while playing.

    1. You aren’t a true Southpaw until we get the option to wield primaries in our left hand.
    2. Getting around shields might be easier, however you are still attacking the weapon side of some, thus parrying your new lmb attacks might be easier.
    3. At the same token, most players are used to attacks coming from their right. This suggests that an alt atk will, for the majority of players, mix up their initial defense. This is one reason why I tell people to lead attacks with something like a stab or overhead.
    3. Keep walls and pillars on your right side and circle obstructions clockwise. This will be met with enemies circling counterclockwise if they care to use slash. The NPCs are at a disadvantage here (similarly to novice players). I’ve yet to see an npc use the alt atk. When engaging them, I keep the wall to their left side. Time and time again, if they only used slash, they hit the wall. Remember, if you play with the Alt atk as LMB, you have to change how you position yourself physically.

    This is all I can say for now. I would like some feedback from those that have been playing this style already. I was testing it out for myself and it feels natural. The goal is to be able to naturally and freely select any attack that would best fit the situation. By knowing the mentality of someone that starts their attacks from the opposite side, you learn how to adapt against them along with improving your ability to fight like them.

  • Shouldn’t this be in the Tactics and Tutorials section?

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