Archer secondary?

  • Hello there, I had a question about the archer secondaries.
    I noticed that there are a good amount of daggers to choose from in the raiding villages video, but will archers have the option to carry some sort of short sword? I like the backstab ability but I’d be disappointed if you couldn’t choose a sword too ;)

  • Archer backup weapons currently include all three daggers as well as the short sword (described in the arsenal page as “The classic archer’s backup weapon” - bit of a giveaway there ;) ), the saber, and the cudgel.

  • Oh okay, thanks. I did notice the description for the short sword, but was unsure because the little icons in the gameplay video didn’t quite look like swords :D

  • Will Javelineers be able to equip a buckler like the original AoC loadout?

  • Yes.

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