Parry and Block Issues

  • Basically since the patch both the parry and shield block seem to be very unreliable. Just wondering if anyone knows why this is. Do these abilities require more precision now? I’ve tried to do so but the issue still persists.

    This is most noticeable when fighting quick MaA players (getting sick of the norse sword in duel :P), but it seems to happen frequently even when engaging big slow weapons. Granted, I play on the very lowest settings (my computer is old and not designed for gaming), but this rarely happened before the patch. It would happen occasionally when fighting someone with high ping.

    Another thing I’d like to mention, is weapons tending to just travel right through people. This goes for my swings at the opponent, and the opponents swings at me. The weapon literally goes right though, and nothing. I’ve been spared death myself multiple times because of this.

    Anyone having similar issues? Or am I just being a whiner?

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