Suggestions for Duel and King of the hill modes

    • you should see score of your opponent before you fight him
    • after time is up there could be some special final round. two best players against each other in one final round or teamfight or FFA

    thats all for Duel. Its a really great mode. Maps are well done. especially that tower is great.

    King of the hill i like much less. Especially because of fps drop. Too much players and bodies on small place. I would suggest maximally 8 against 8 players. Also much more interesting than King of the hill would be mode when one player from each team would carry a banner and other team should stole it and bring it to the base but thats pretty much capture the flag. or maybe one flag in the middle which could be taken and carried and team who would hold it for longer period would win round.

  • I do not like the final round best player VS other best player. :| But I like the one where you hold the flag and whoever holds it for the longer period wins. :) I don’t really see a problem with seeing a players score before you fight them. :D

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