Use a succession of maps for make scenario…

  • Hi everyone,
    (beg your pardon for my bad english…)

    It will be like a campaign with different maps of Chivalry, where when you win you advance, and when you loose you back.
    All maps are selected at random by server in accordence with win or defeat of Agatha/Mason team because map are etheir Agatha attack or Mason attack (and conversely…). “Stone Hill” and “Citadel” are keeping for final victory and “Death match” maps in first for determinated who is attack team.

    Plan of campaign in two directions:

    CASTLE OF AGATHA (Stone Hill)
    Agatha/Mason Attak/DEfence map
    ^ ^

    v v

    • Death match map (determination of castle direction just for beginning game)
      ^ ^

    v v
    Agatha/Mason Attak/Defence map
    CASTLE OF MASON (Citadel)


    • Death match - Mason win and have the right to attack Agatha (in attack Mason map) -->
    • Dark forest (Mason attack map) - Mason win and reach the last step of serie -->
    • Stone Hill (Mason attaque map,“kill the king…”) - Mason win and dominate the serie
      In the event of Agatha win in one of those steps the campaign take the opposed direction and Mason defend in Agatha attack map this time.

    Somebody can say if this idea is realisable on a server and what do you think about this idea ?

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    Do you know if a player who created a server can make that, or if it’s just possible by intervention of Torn Banner studio on Chivalry game ?…

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    Hey guys nobody for give opinions ?

  • Good idea, but be a bit troublesome to make sure it works correctly.

  • Really !
    But why ? Can you give an explanation about that you think ?

  • UP
    If somebody want make server with this configurtion it’s a good idea

  • The concept is fine, but tying together random maps would not really be that appealing.

    I would like to see a mod which is maybe France versus Britain where you had a bigger picture view of how many castles and towns taken over by either side and you work towards each others capital.

  • I love this idea.

    I’ve experienced a similar mapset style from the Gloom mod for quake2. Where victory on one map would advance to the next stage of the map, and vice versa for the other team.

  • Sorry my english is bad but I hope that all of you to understand that idea is proposed with succession of maps (with same maps using actualy on chivalry), not proposed like great map… Server load maps in order of rules (win team move to ennemy castle , loose team go back to their castle, and so forth…)
    I don’t know if it’s easy to configure a server like this but it’s not to be very hard i think ?

    Yes NoVaLombardia but obviously not much players seem concerned… it’s too bad…

  • May be somebody who had create a server on chivalry can say us if this idea is possible to make on chivalry ?…

  • @lorenzu:

    May be somebody who had create a server on chivalry can say us if this idea is possible to make on chivalry ?…

    It is not possible without a mod.

    The server has a predefined succession of maps and each previous match result has no bearing on the next map.

  • TOG were running an ongoing game like this. We had the Agatha map from the Instructions pdf divided into hexes representing different maps. At each end there were “home bases” for Mason on one end and Agatha on the other which were TO maps and the maps in the middle were TDM/LTS etc. The team that won one map could choose the next hex to play on and the objective was to win enough matches to get to the home base of one side and then try to win the TO at the home base.

    The server admin would load each map as per the rules.

    It was a great idea but I don’t think we ever played enough to finish.

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