Chivalry in Latin America

  • Greetings everyone, i thought that as i’ve been playing since the game came out i could peep around the forums a little bit and, briefly, introduce myself. Bear in mind that english is not my first language, so be polite :P

    Cutting the chase, my nick in-game is AbyssusAther, and I am one of the responsibles (if not the only one) to spread Chivalry Medieval Warfare all over Latin America. I have a gaming channel in youtube (just started 2 months ago, though) in which i publish reviews and “epic gameplays”, which are some kind of funny montages. When I did one about Chivalry, people started to get so into it that I had to do more.

    I just wanted to thank Torn Banner for making such an AWESOME game, it truly is. I mean, the recent update is just too much. Companies like Activision can’t even pull off so much content in such a short time, and if they do, they charge you with 20 dolars.

    Just that, a reminder to where this marvellous indie game has spread to. This is a wonderful community and i hope to get involved in it.


  • TB likes to read these kinds of posts, so thanks for your comment :)

  • On the contrary, thank you :)

  • That’s cool dude, where in Latin America are you?

  • I’m from Argentina :P don’t expect you to know where that is :D

  • Ahh, your rugby team made a fine showing last year in the Rugby World Cup…Pumas had me pulling for them! 8-)

    Good to hear you spreading the Chivalry word down there, hope you have some good servers to play on!

  • abbysus is a great player of our country!!! kill everywhere a terror whit MAA i think you have to made a clan man!!! or join in my army hhaha , soo will have to rent a server of chivarly whit my clan and will begin to do some competitive stuffs!! keep doing well torn banner in the south of the world you have many fanatics of this awesome game!!

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