After months, still crash on load (Kernelbase.dll).

  • Hi guys, it’s sad that my first post has to be in this section but to be honest i am sick of the always “coming back” crash on splashscreen.
    I really love Chivalry:MW, been playing since mid-november, my in-game name is predatorfe and i’m at lvl 37 right now :)
    But this problem has been afflicting me since i bought the game back in november, needless to say i’ve done everything in my power to try and fix it: redownload the whole thing from steam, verify game files (countless times), heck i even wiped my HDD and started from scratch :D
    When the problem occurrs, usually the only way to be able to launch the game is a restart, altough sometimes (very rarely, after trying multiple times) it will start.
    I don’t know what to do anymore… UDK.exe WHY THOU MAKE ME SAD?

    Attached are the usual logs, and also a log from when the game starts, yet is spammed with “some” errors.

    See you on the battlefield :D

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