Blocking with a shield is too unreliable and glitchy

  • I believe this is net-code related, but most of the time i try to block with a shield, the shield either doesn’t come up, or just jerks back and forth repeatedly for 2 seconds before staying up, and doesn’t block in that period. i can’t just react with a block because of that, i have to have my shield up for a long time before the hit lands, and in game where every millisecond reaction time matters, this renders blocking useless. oh, and sometimes the shield randomly starts jerking even if i had it up for a while. it’s just too unreliable. someone who’s just spamming slash like an idiot has the upper hand most of the time because of this.

    that doesn’t happen only with blocking. shoving after an attack, or at all, is just as unreliable, so i’m better of not doing it at all. that makes the game boring, frustrating and a lot plainer than it should be. if only i could AT LEAST tell whether i’m actually blocking or my kick is coming, but i can’t, it seems to be random. sometimes it goes off, sometimes i just die like an idiot without reacting to my slash-spamming enemy.

    it’s also not a lag issue, i get 35 ping on most of the servers i play on, and all my friends complain about the same things. it’s also not a stamina issue, i made sure of that.

    so i ask that you guys work a little bit on the net code. the game is really fun but the poor netcode is ruining it for me.

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