Alt attack as single click

  • Would rather have alt attack as a single click (or at least the option to) all of my other attacks are activated this way so it feels weird to have to hold a key down, it’s not like I can swing my weapon from the floor upwards if I’m holding this key down instead of an overhead so I don’t see the point in holding a key for a single directional swing… I’d rather just click one of the extra buttons I have available on my mouse as I’m sure a lot of other gamers would too?

    E.g. so technically, if you wanted to you could bind horizontal-left swing to the left mouse button and a horizontal right swing to the right mouse button and bind block somewhere else, do you see what I’m saying?

  • you already have that option check the keybinds.

  • O’Rly? Sweet I’ll check later, I only saw the bind for holding the key down

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