Patch problems

  • I’d like to share with you my opinion about the problems that arose with the genuary patch.

    First of all, my concerns aren’t dictated by a “L2P” issue: I’m almost rank 30, not the best player in the world for sure, but not a completely inept one. So please keep the discussion civil, the headchopping can be left to the game itself. :D

    Now, to the purpose!

    1. As other players alread pointed out, the new “reach” of the 1h weapons is almost ridicolous. When in TO I play usually a Halberd Vanguard (so, highest reach weapon in the game), and before the patch I didn’t have any problem in playing it, using mostly the thrust attack (wheel up) against people who attack at the wrong distance, without having to block. Now, it’s become a real nightmare. Most of the times I get hit by 1h weapons from a distance approximately 1.3-1.5 times the older one, and ofc the Halberd reach has remained the same. Since however the reach of the 1h weapons haven’t changed on their stats sheets, I’d say that this is an issue that needs to be fixed asap.

    2. Sadly, the same goes for some 2h weapons, notably the Vanguard’s Claymore. Even if the reach stat of the weapon has remained the same, in game it has almost the same reach as the Halberd (with a slightly higher speed). No more outplay here even against Vanguards who attack at the wrong time.

    3. Hitboxes at the moment are a little bit screwed up. After the patch, I get countless of “fake misses” with the thrust, even when the enemy model is standing still in front of me: the weapon just goes through the model, without inflicting damage. It happens 15-20% of the times, which is really boring and irritating.

    4. With 3, goes the 4: blocks now are a mess. And some people are already exploiting this fact, since now a lot of MAAs/Knights/Archers with 1h weapons just charge in front of you and spam LMB, blocking is almost impossible most of the times, whereas pre-patch I didn’t have this problem with charging players (not that I’m saying that this never happend pre-patch, but post-patch the problem skyrocketed). This problem seems correlated to the point 1, prolly with the “tip” of the 1h weapon now way more farther than it was before, thus needing the block to be performed turning around a lot more than before to reach the tip of the weapon.

    5. Lag issues. I ping generally something like 10-20ms more than pre-patch, with huge issues of random lag spikes/warping - both mine and opponents’. This happens even in servers where pre-patch I pinged 30-40ms, now I can’t get anything less than 50ms, and the lag spikes are omnipresent. With an increasing number of players, the problem is way more accentuated.

    6. Veteran helmets. Ok, just a joke. :D

    I’d like to know your opinions on these matters. 8-)

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