Razer Hydra

  • I was just curious, while browsing the Razer store I stumbled across the Razer Hydra, remembering what it was and remembering Chivalry: MW in the making, I was wondering if you guys were planning on somehow incorporating full support for it.

    I think it would make for some interesting gameplay being able to completely control your movements in game to a pretty realistic level. Hell, if done right I even might go out and buy it pretty much just for this game…

    For those of you unfamiliar with the product, take a gander.


  • I use it and currently carry Razar mamba mouse :D

  • This would be epic to use.

  • Razer mice have weird shapes.
    I would recommend either Logitech g500 (mx518 if you are old school) or SteelSeries Xai. Your thumb and pinky/ring finger actually have comfortable grooves to fit in with those mice, while Razer mice have this ridge on which to rest those finger like this:
    Logitech/SS : >==<
    Razer: <==>.

    EDIT: on the other hand, that Hydra THING is weird.
    Stay clear of that monstrosity.

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