Duel stop popping up the scoreboard WHILE I AM TYPING

  • You would think someone would actually test this stuff for usability.

    Unfortunately I never could connect to the beta duel server.

    But after every match you start typing something like good match or praise your opponents skills or weapon choice.

    And boom scoreboard comes up and you are forced with the option to rechoose the pool you have already selected.

    Like get it out my face cant you see I am fracking typing.

    Seriously, more thought to the simple things that are just plain annoying.

    If I want the scoreboard I will press freakin tab. Sure remind me in the chat box or post my current scores in chat but stop interrupting me.

    You would think they would have learned from the end of game requests.

  • Hahahaha… yeah.

    I assume they’re aware of this, as the patch was put out at the earliest possible time. The chat box really needs to have priority over any other windows, and not be hidden by them. The most annoying thing is when you get rid of the “pop-up” windows in your face, and then your typing ends up opening up class selection windows etc. >:(

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