"First person only" server filter, can I have it please?

  • For the time being, this game is not enjoyable for me. Maybe I am the only one that does not want to play in 3rd person, or play with people that do, because 3rd person clearly has advantages(why would they include a server-side option to force first person view if there were not any?).

    Should you, however, want to find one of these server manually, you will probably spend more time in server browser, than you will spend actually playing the game, because these servers are a minority.

    So, can I please have a filter in the server browser that will list out ONLY these servers?

  • Please TB make this an option!

    I would like this so much! Im paranoid as hell when it comes to this and blame 3rd person in everyway… well not really but its hard to find 1st person only server since no one mentions it in the server name.

    Oh btw awesome patch and thanks for listening to the community, ive been reading forums quite alot and i noticed alot of things that got picked up right from the community. Awesome TB is awesome!

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