Stat Tracker.

  • This could be a long term thing.

    I’ll keep this brief.
    Basically I’d love to see a tracker for your kills and deaths for each class, team and weapon after every game session it adds to it, this can be on the forums or in it’s own tab on the client, much like a personal highscore! This can help you learn what weapon/class you’re good with and what one you need to improve.

    I find myself looking at my game and wondering how many kills total I actually have, so I though up this and even hit making a window for it (I may show you guys later :)).
    Of course if I knew UDK I could make this myself but I rather not dive into something else again. (Java is my priority at this point).

    I hope that was brief and straight to the point, if you need and information regarding this feel free to comment.

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