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    So there’s this other indie game out there that spawned a free to play model called ‘Super Monday Night Combat’. The first game was just ‘Monday Night Combat’. I don’t know if anyone has played it, but the original ‘Monday Night Combat’ was MUCH better IMO and a lot funner game. This was a indie dev team… very small much like torn banner… and they put together a great game. I got so many hours of fun out of it, and eventually they made changes that kind of took the fun out but that’s beside the point.

    They had a great idea and model for a team balancing system, but it just didn’t quite work in-game very welll as the idea would have had it. This is how it worked: A player from beginning the game to the time he was currently playing was sort of ‘tracked’ in the kill/death ratio, scores, points, etc. If he did very well,(consistently) say he had a consistent 2/1 kdr… he would be say a 5 star. Then someone who would maintain say a 1/1 kdr, maybe score, (what have you) they would be a 4 star. And lower consistent score/kdr/etc would reflect a lower star rating or ranking.

    The problem with current models is that the games justify skill by the ammount of time played. In Chivalry, you are basically ranked on kills/assists if i am correct, or even score would fit the build. If that is true, a player that is playing longer in the game will have a higher rank naturally, unless he can’t kill ANYTHING in his entire 500 hours in the game (amirite?) The fact of the matter is, however, that skill is not based on how long you have played the game. You can be a level 9001… and still be a total noob at the game somehow, we all know this to be true, rank in most games means nothing for skill level. At the same time, i also know that certain people have a higher gaming aptitude than others, they are able to learn mechanics faster, the rules and strategy to the game, and dominate less apt players quickly after installing the game. Some players could be a rank 0 or 1, and kill level 40’s all day, because maybe that level 40 never learned how to play the game, what have you.

    So… my suggestion is to have a dynamic system in which something is tracked about players, whether its KDR, Score, etc… and have some sort of ranking system. Then this rank could dynamically change based on how the player plays on a consistent basis. Then when the teams autobalance, it could use this ranking system, to mix skilled players, with less skilled players. This way the teams would balance out, and the less skilled players could possibly learn from the advanced skill players.

    Obviously my idea could be modified, changed, thought more upon, but the game that i played that had this system seemed to have the right idea about how teams should balance… they just never got the execution down. Now I haven’t looked into the new ‘Super Monday Night Combat’ as much… because they slowed down the game mechanics and it seemed to take the pace out of the game.

    I actually feel like the game right now after the update made some things less fun for me. I love the new maps, weapons, gamemodes, optimizations, and polish. What i do not like is how they changed the mechanics of the game. I thought the classes were balanced well between each other, each had their strengths, weaknesses, and each class had it’s rightful matchup ( in my eyes ). However, they slowed down some of the characters movement/run speed, and slowed parry/block, and overall attack speeds, but they did this (seemingly) across all classes… cept the archer, which is fine by me they are squishy as it is they need some kind of advantage for melee.

    So basically the game is sort of going in the mode that ‘Monday Night Combat’ did (in my opinion) when they switched to a free to play model and updated and nerf/buffed, etc. I dont play the game any longer. They slowed all the mechanics down, made the characters feel sluggish, made others OP… etc, etc, etc.

    I feel like communities are great ways to get feedback, but some of the feedback need not be heard. Or others should be taken more seriously. I love this game to death, i have (in the last month) put about 250 hours into the game. Now i know i’m not in as long as the vets of the game, but i’ve put my time in folks. What seems to be happening is now the devs are slowing the game down a bit as far as character movement, blocks, counters, all that stuff. I don’t want that at all! You guys (devs) said in your first video about the game that you wanted to make the player feel powerful/vulnerable at the same time. You guys right now for me are taking the powerful feeling i get about being able to run around the map a bit faster. If you slow ALL the classes down, they are still on the same playing field as if you were to take that same increment, and apply it upward to make them faster. The classes would still be on the same playing field, you would just feel less sluggish. As impatient as the world is these days, we can’t deal with slow attack speeds and movements speed. I loved dueling and be able to go back and forth in like a 1/4 measure timespeed. Bah, cha, bah, cha HYAHHHH!

    We need the feeling of speed back to have that feeling of power again. I still feel like a badass as a knight, he still sprints OK… i guess… but his swings just feel sluggish. I almost feel like if i were to pick up the weapon (some of them) I would be able to swing it faster or better than them. I don’t like the fact that i feel like i can swing it faaster or better, i want my character to be the powerful one, not me. I haven’t been in the gym in months and i’m squishy right now. I don’t think i should have the feeling like i can get into combat with these slow sluggish character, if given say a longsword and some armor.

    I overall really like the update, and love the fact that it’s free, and i love the devs… please take this thread seriously! I am open to anyone commenting/agreeing/disagreeing but i think we should discuss these two things. My last point there was that i don’t like the game being slowed down. I like balancing and i think weapons should be adjusted… but i think as far as movement speeds and swing speeds. Just take the current ones… and increment them slightly upward by the same increment. That will keep the weapon balance… but make us feel like we are getting it done out there!

    Love ya! I’m typing this a little tipsy, my hometown football team just won the superbowl so i’m pretty drunk about that

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