Chivalry scrim channel

  • The Chivalry competitive scene is a little boring. There are so few clans out there and the numbers seems to be dropping. One thing that has helped keep the comp scene of other games alive is an IRC channel for clans to find scrims.

    Currently, finding scrims in Chiv is tough. You either need to post here or spam people on your steam… Well, now I have started an IRC channel on Quakenet.

    This channel is new and it will probably be quiet for a week or two. What we need is for clan representative to join and fill up the room. The more people in there, the more people will stay. In a week or two we should be able to put together a decent meeting point for people who want to find scrims.

    Clans from all over the world are welcome. Below you will find info on joining.

    You can join via quake net using the URL below and the channel name:

    You can join via the I order site:

    I have already invited some of Europes top clans and will invite more people there. Current RK has a Representative in the channel along with a few other big clans.

  • Please support this thread guys. Lets help the Comp Chiv scene grow!

    Also if you are a clan leader/ in leadership, there is also a Chivalry Clan Leader Steam group, please contact us or RK | Lakritz for an invite.

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