Limit Troll votes ->

  • Can you limit the amount of times some one can initiate a kick vote per map? Like maybe 3 times max?

    I’ve played in a handful of servers here lately even after the patch where people just keep initiating votes for no reason(trolling) over and over and over and over and over again. I played a TO map with a vote on my HUD for the entire map. Now usually when you have players on who arent knuckle heads they will vote kick the troll voter but sadly that is no always the case.

  • it should be one per round.

  • a solid +1 ! hail

  • A gap of 120 seconds per person would be better.

    Or making it a console command would be great.

    Back at release some new about the conolse command but most didn’t. Since he normal person couldn’t vitekick people would rage in the chat. Then a person who knew it would initiate the votekick.

    It was hardly abused.

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