Round 1 of DAG "The Beginning" 5vs5 TO Tourny: Vq vs. KoC

  • Closing out the Round 1 Shoutcasts

    Hello again Everybody! “The Beginning” team objective tournament continues to roll with a veteran team matched up against a new comer! Vanquished will be facing Knights of Chivalry who are new to the Dark Age Gaming scene but show no lack of enthusiasm or skill! It’s anybody’s game in this interesting matchup!

    Main host: Dr.Nick
    Cohost: Stranger


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  • Good match! It was very enjoyable to watch! Good cast too!

    There’s not much I can say about the match. Both teams did very good, but Vq was just more experienced and stuck together more. You could see that they really knew what they where doing. KoC did good too, but they here out matched by Vq in several places. Tho I really like that knife play.
    The first objective is the easiest one on the map and because KoC took too much time on that, they could not get passed the second one. Vq had the win in the bag because even if KoC would have taken down the king almost immediately after that, Vq would still have won.
    The map, Hillside, is one of my favorite maps in the game. Very open, lots of room for flanking and running around. If the defending team doesn’t have both sides and the hill in view, they can be quickly overrun. Archer are however, not as effective on the second objective. There is a lot of room for the melee classes to run around and due to the limited amount of places to hide, counter archering can be easy.
    The Fire Pot play by Vq was excellent. It did a lot of free damage on the King and flushed him out nicely.

    And that’s about it. Good cast and great match!

  • Yeah I clawing my eyes out when KoC lost so many guys to the boiling oil on the gate when it could have been averted and they would have gotten through the gate. They were so close! Yes they still would have lost but I believe it would have been a big psychological win for them to at least complete all the objectives against VQ. Thanks for your feedback Almkrona :)

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