Quarterstaff needs to be faster or give more damage

  • I want to like the quarterstaff. It looks awesome, it’s versatile. But it sucks. It’s only advantage over most of the other MAA weapons is it’s reach, which is really not that significant for MAA, which can close on an enemy quickly and is usually more effective when face hugging. The quarter staff is both slower and causes less damage than the other MAA weapons. (I’m comparing mostly to the first Ax, simply because that thing is a beast and in my opinion the best weapon for MAA–it’s quick and deadly and with the lunge overhead of the MAA, reach is not much of an issue).

    I would like to see the quarterstaff on par with other MAA weapons. I think that means it needs to be faster or more deadly. As weak as the MAA is in hitpoints, it’s really hard to get in enough hits with the staff to compete. And it’s not fast enough to overwhelm the enemy to get in additional hits (especially against other MAA). Also, it seems to block really slowly. For something as light and nimble as the quarterstaff (and in the hands of an MAA), it seems like this weapon should be quicker.

  • I’ve been trying to use it as well. The slash isn’t pretty weak… about as strong as the saber with more range and slower. I would make this as a suggestion.

    Make the overhead and stab do more dmg (the stab looks like it is with a sharp point on the wpn).

    Leave everything else as is. While slash is horribly slow and poor dmg, I think it’s more of a “get off me” than a primary means for dmg. Just b/c MaAs have a 2/h doesn’t make them a vanguard.

    I believe the primary function of this wpn is to allow MaA more options for spacing and zoning people w/o having to get in their face. It’s the only weapon of it’s type in the armory for them.

  • If increasing damage is out of the question, having a lower stamina cost for it’s attacks would be good too. Have to use the entire bar to kill a knight, since after i’ve got my 2nd or 3rd hit in he’ll start to pick up and I have to use feints, jumps or kicks to make an opening.

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