Working SLI would help…

  • As the title says - currently ( I know its not the highest priority, ohhh wait after the update game started lagging like crazy) SLI is not really working.

    I know there is a way to get it to work with SLI bits, since its UDK engine and multiple games are known to use it right. For the humans wanting to experiment here is the link for getting SLI to work using Nvidia Inspector :

    With the manual “fix” it works fine for me (2x560ti) but shadows do flicker and some graphical artifacts appear.

    • Prior to the Content 1 update, I could run the game using one card just fine, now its very uncomfortable - esp is someone is taking a lot of damage close by, and the manual SLI fix comes in handy despite of gfx issues.

    • Just a little bump for this issue.

  • Please bump again after the Server Browser gets fixed.


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