Javelin aesthetic bug

  • I was just wondering whether the aesthetic of the javelin on your character will actually be changed so that you actually throw a heavy javelin instead of it magically becoming a normal javelin.

    As it is now only the javelin you have in your hand actually is a heavy javelin while the ones on your back and the ones you throw are regular javelins. It really breaks the immersion when you see your mighty spear mutating in mid-air since the heavy javelin is (probably) not animated yet for midair flight.

    Also the bug that you respawn in throwing stance is still in-game.

    • Javelins thrown while in this forced throwing stance disappear, requiring you to suffice with only 3 javelins.

    The shield attack of the javelin sometimes deflect on an enemy. Meaning that it acts as if it had hit a rock instead of a squishy MaA, thereby not hitting the enemy.
    I have no idea whether this is when the shield hits a particular hitbox, but it’s a bit uncommon.
    And yes there was no tree nearby I could have hit and it actually is a different animation than a missed strike (since you can see it bouncing back to the left).

    Edit: Is it possible to make the buckler optional, I really hate shields (especially the bugged buckler, often lets hits through even if it is in the middle of the shield) and it would be nice to have simple parry as an option (maybe accompanied by some sort of tertiary smoke bomb or something).
    The flail is simply flexible and unable to block, but since it is just a short spear I don’t see why that wouldn’t be possible.

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