• Pretty much a simple idea but i would really like their to be an option to see your overall stats such as your k/d and accuracy.

  • I don’t really see a problem with that. Good idea! :j:

  • I love the idea of more stats.

    A personal homestead page reviewing stats on weapons used, percentages, efficiency, maps, injuries, cause of death. A place to learn from and improve on our mistakes through statistics - and also to ponder on strategies to use for the game.

    Like an armory which slowly evolves and changes depending on the class we use most and/or the reputation we have attained.

  • Is this about stats or do you guys just want a way to asses your development and experience a sense of progression as a reward for time invested? If so, I believe there are ways to attain those things without the use of an archaic stats system. A system which only serves to pervert your play style rather than mould it.

    I proposed this earlier in relation to the current stat tracking in duel mode, but it could be applied across the entire game. Perhaps even removing the need for ranks, which we all know are a hopeless indicator of skill.

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