From lvl 15 to 12 and some weapons gone

  • Hi all ! Ive got lvl 15 jesterday and unlock all main Weapons with Man at Arms !
    Today iam going to fight a little bit and the weapons and the XP are gone !
    Now iam lvl 12 again !

  • Don’t worry, it happens from time to time when any game doesn’t properly connect to Steam Cloud. Shut everything down and restart Steam. If that doesn’t work, restart your computer (thus internet connection as well) and then load up the game.

    If that doesn’t work, just wait a day, it’s only temporary. It happens sometimes to any game on Steam that collects your stats through the Cloud.

    It happened to me over the holidays when I had a bunch of weapons unlocked that I didn’t originally, and the ones I did were still locked. The next day it was fine again.

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