Updated, but no new maps?

  • I received the update, even uninstalled and reinstalled to be sure, but I do not see any of the new maps or modes from the create game screen, nor do I see the new juke box option anywhere. I am however able to join games on new maps, and do have the new swing options and weapons. Are other people seeing these options or am I looking in the wrong place? Any help, please.

  • I’ve exact the same problem:

    I can join servers running the new maps/modes but i can’t create one by myself. But i have the new swing options and weapons aswell and the game itself runs normally.

    I also tried to reinstall the game without any effect.

  • The “Create Game” screen is for bot matches. If you want to play one, you will need to load a bot match on one of the given maps and then use a console command to change to one of the new maps. I don’t know if bot navigation paths were added to the new maps.

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