Need more CTF servers

  • Please add at least 2 official ctf servers. Preferably one 24 man and one 32 man server.

  • I agree.

    I was surprised how enjoyable and refreshing CTF was, especially in this game. Much more relaxed and always a good bit of fun ( seeing 6 Vanguards sprinting after a cheeky MaA who has their flag).

  • How come in this game hosting a server is a hassle, but in some FPS games I’ve played like Combat Arms or A.V.A. its super easy and simple just click “Create Game/Room”? I feel like making it really easy like that would make server variety a lot better, and if there aren’t any servers you want to play just open a room and let people join.

    I’m not really tech savy so maybe there is something keeping that from being the system. But if it’s not that hard it seems like it would be way better.

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