Mounted Combat?

  • This has probably been discussed at length somewhere, but what are the chances for mounted combat (on horseback)? :-)

  • No. Has far has i know there won’t be any because the Maps and modes in the game isn’t design for mountet combat(horseback). And because they wantet to focus on face to face combat.

  • i have to agree with LuckeR. From what I’ve seen there will not be any mounted combat. It sure would be neat if there was, but I’m happy with whats coming!

  • It has been confirmed that there will be no mounted combat. All combat will be on-foot.

  • The developers have shown interest in creating mounted combat for this game in future releases so there is a chance that it will eventualy be made.

  • I don’t think mounted combat would be great because the game is focused towards foot combat and duels

  • If mounted combat ever comes to Chivalry it’ll probably be in a major DLC or even a sequel.

  • Developer

    Sequel will be the only possibility on this, we just didn’t design the game for horses, levels and weapon balance would be a huge factor.

  • Anyway, please don’t make cavalry classes, if this is going to be added in a future game, just make big maps and make horses a sort of vehicule for all classes to mount.

  • Mmm…A good idea for a dlc/new content would be some kind of tourney mode, where you have mixed tests, mele, archery and maybe mounted combat with just horse speed and lance aim.

    Nah, I think I prefer the inmersive feeling of mele combat without being constantly lanced by the enemy. Sieges and battles are a much better game mode.

  • I have to say, I’m glad that the focus is mainly on melee fighting. This is going to be so in your face, gritty, and dirty. I love that! Who knows what the future might hold, but for now, I’m glad it’s the way it is.

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