Visual difference between factions.

  • Simple suggestion here.

    I wish there were more differences between a Masonic knight and an Agathian knight, as well as between the two faction Vanguard models.
    I do not think this is needed as far as gameplay is concerned, for the difference in colors is quite noticeable, but I would really like their armors to be different, just in the same way the two men at arms and the two archers have (different armor, helmet, etc…).
    I just feel something could have been done beyond the simple copy paste for those two classes.
    The work you devs had started for two classes ha not been finished, and while I am not outright outraged by such a thing, it will slowly annoy me in my little perfectionnist head not to have it completed at release (but not as far as to deter me from buying this awsome looking game).
    I honestly don’t know how much work would be needed for this task (with both art-design and skin edition), but I doubt this is some impossible thing to ask to developpers, even in a stage as advanced as you guys are in.

  • The game is still being worked on. There’s been a really big crunch to get it prepared for beta (it definitely will be at this rate) and there’ll continue to be work done through beta and post-release as well. Visual differences are definitely on the list, and in fact since the last gameplay videos were released the Mason knight has gotten a completely new model to make them very distinct from Agatha knights, and I’m sure other classes will get the same treatment in the future.

  • i think the knight models are distinct enough, but i would agree that the vanguard are very similar. if i’m not mistaken, they said that they would allow the player to do some cosmetique customization.

  • There’s a large number of colour blind gamers out there, I know at least 3 myself. In AoC the differences weren’t that great with most classes, but even something as simple as scales on the masons and mail on the agathians was enough to tell the difference at most ranges.

  • @Strudel:

    There’s a large number of colour blind gamers out there, I know at least 3 myself. In AoC the differences weren’t that great with most classes, but even something as simple as scales on the masons and mail on the agathians was enough to tell the difference at most ranges.

    Well, in AoC the classes were completely different from each other. Color blind or not, it was impossible to miss the mason knight´s trademark horns, or their footman´s mask. The whole model was completely different depending on faction, although there were only 3 models per faction (and a 4th, unreleased one specific for the crusader class)

  • Thanks for the answer SlyGoat.

    And yes, bring back the Mason mask for vanguard :D

    PS: devx, please, fix the “blunt” link in the arsenal, moustache gracias.

  • Hello, new guy here, just started playing today for few hours and while I’ve gotten a bit more used to the look of the different units it’s still really hard to distinquish allies from enemies, especially the knights.

    I don’t think there needs to be that much visual difference between the factions but here’s my solution: Allies should have some kind of banner on top of them, just a small visual indication that they are your allies. Mount & Blade: Warband uses such bannermechanic very succesfully as you don’t have to guess if the unit you are seeing is your ally or your enemy.

    Right now in Chivalry not being sure if it’s ally/enemy is a matter of being dead or alive. I know you can see the players nick and the colour when you get close but even still it takes the focus off from the center of the screen which is distracting.

    I play with everything set as false/low and with very small resolution due to my computer not being high end so that might have something to do with not seeing properly. :P

  • HAHA !
    I am very happy that you used new models for Mason knight and vanguard.
    (watched bet videos).
    I dare to hope it might be thanks to this thread (let me live in my dreams !)

  • Why are they called Masonic Knights? The Knights Templar were called Templars. Freemasonry didnt develop until the 16th or 17th century. In medieval times, Templars were know as Templars and no one was called a Masonic Knight (that im aware of). I guess you want fictional factions, but choosing a name for a group that still exists (masons), over a group that is long gone (templars), seems like an odd choice for a fictional group.

  • There actually were masonic knights, but any real-world faction is completely unrelated to Chivalry. Mason isn’t just a reference to freemasonry, as freemasonry itself was based on the profession of masonry, which was historically very significant, and it stands to reason that it would be significant even in a fantasy setting. I don’t really know all the details of Chivalry’s storyline particularly in regards to how the mason order came to use that name, but it’s obviously not meant to be tied to freemasonry.

  • What you linked to is a degree given out by Freemasons. It didnt exist prior to 16th or 17th century.

    There were many Chivalric orders in medieval times, such as the Templars, Hospitallers,Teutonic Knights and the Order of the Dragon.

    Yes masons were important members of society. But it’s clear this faction is modeled after Knights Templar.

  • I’m really not seeing the resemblance to knights templar in either appearance or background.

  • I don’t think there is any relation between AgathaKnights and MasonOrder and Real life medieval organisation, they just represent two opposite ways of thinking just any realm/lord/soldier/empire/small part of land could have adopted or adopted back then : the “loyal” “honor” “duty” “for the king” “protect the poor and innocent” one, and the “you are what you make of yourself, not what you are born to be” “the strong gets what he deserves because he prove he deserved it more than the weak” brutal" one.

  • Fair enough. It’s just an odd choice for a name. Theres a hundred names they could have chosen, but they chose a name for a modern organization, which gives out “knight” degrees. Its as if I made a game and decided to call one of the factions the “Girl Guides”. Why not, it sounds cool… they are female rangers.

    Anyway, this game looks awesome regardless of what factions are called and im going to be lopping all of your heads off in time. :)

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