Another attack to counter feint?

  • There is still one mouse button unused in Chivalry. Pressing scroll.
    I have no idea if the game engine is able to use it? But if so…
    Why not add a melee attack, with the weapon in hand? It would hit for absolutely no damage, but would be quick enough to give a small interupt on people feinting? maybe cost about half the stamina of feint?


  • The problem with feinting isn’t that you need a new attack type to counter it, it’s that you react to it by parrying. After your parry goes down, the feinter gets a cheap hit in.

  • Just to inform you, that button is in use for the arrow camera.

    A quick, small inerrupt would probably do no good for the game… ever had a fist fight? Know how these fast interrupts can stomp people? With your suggestion, you would always have that power while still having your main weapon out. People could interupt each other all day long and slow weapons which rely on some sort of misstiming to exploit an opening would be screwed over. Someone winds up? Quick bash.

    And it wouldnt do much to prevent feints, either. If you know hes feinting, dont interrupt, counterattack or wait with your parry. If you know hes not feinting you’ll probably be too late to interrupt, so parry. If you dont know if he is feinting or not, if you try to get an interrupt in but he swings through youll get hit, same as if you parry to early. Where would the interrupt fit in? - unless it would always interrupt, but that would be pretty much broken. People would stunlock each other all day and nobody would get any attacks through :/

    Sorry, doesnt sound plausible that way.

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