Slightly frustrating

  • Hi,

    So I’ve just come off the game and to be honest, don’t really plan on going back on it anytime soon - in a particular match there was an individual who’s name kept changing, and finally stuck at ‘…’ so when using the voice-to-talk system just displayed as ‘…’ (although there was no on on the players list with that alias).

    Throughout the entirety of the game he just made offensive remarks, screamed down the mic and no one could kick him, indeed, a lot of innocent people kept getting kicked in hopes we would actually get him - he’s probably still in the same server right now causing the issues he caused me and a lot of other players.

    In the end, I just turned off my sounds, which wasn’t very satisfactory as there were other people trying to legitimately use the voice-to-chat system - suffice to say I was a ‘victim’ of this foul game play & ended up getting kicked myself, amongst many other genuine players.

    To conclude, this one individual managed to effectively spoil & disrupt the game play over around 30+ players and terminate the gameplay of around 10 innocent people who were incorrectly kicked.

    Not sure what could be implemented, but something needs to, and quickly before the voice-to-talk system ends up being like every other game and a burden on genuine players.


  • Isnt there an option to disable voice in the sound settings.

  • Yeah just say in chat

    configuration–>audio–>disable voice chat

    and presto the idiot can only talk to himself.

  • In the end I did, but a lot of us were using voice chat in a legitimate manner.

  • Same person still there along with another one now, still doing the same thing, vote kicking everyone (and then pretending its them getting kicked on mic so people vote yes) - and just disrupting the game. The moderator group is always vacant so can never report it.

    One more go later tonight, if problem persists then it’s a YT vid and feedback being gathered by others.

  • Here is his steam account:

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