Ideas for the ESL weekly cups

  • We are currently gathering ideas for the ESL weekly cups.

    The weekly cups will always be announced on the wednesday and played on saturday evening.

    What would you guys and ladies like to play in future ESL tournaments?

  • 5on5 TO or 3on3/2on2 LTS cups would be pretty awesome :)

  • 2v2 and 3v3 lts ( archers and throwables forbidden ) would be a blast.

  • ESL is always removing tons of gameplay and it sucks…

  • For a weekly cup, I’d like them to be settled sooner, currently when we fight in ESL the teams can postpone matches several days! I think if you sign up for a cup you should be available to fight the entire cup, by for example making space an entire evening. let’s say a weekened cup with 16 teams, if you would start let’s say 5-6 pm gmt we would be ready for semi-finals at probably 9 pm?

    And then after the semi’s are sorted you take it up the following evening or maybe a late night final letting the teams rest for an hour or so, as ppl spread the word so more people can follow tex streams and such (I dont think all matches need streams, but fort quarterfinals and up, I suggest that a streaming judge/commentator should be mandatory, as it contributes to a overall nice and hyped enviroment and a good watch for eliminated teams and other finalist teams watching the other teams.

    It would also if made possible once every 3rd week or so contribute to a regular scene of players gathering for an evening of intense gameplay rather then of current where you fight cups over WEEKS wich is tardish.

    For the cups I also suggest we all unite under 1 gamemode to play, and a general set of rules that ESL admins talk over and take suggestions from more clans, as of now I dont think the competitive scene itself has gotten to effect the outcome of rules etc has been big enough. ESL admins should ask each clan that are competitive and serious about ESL how they want their matches to be played, and then they should make the rules after what the majority thinks (except if the admins ofc find that absurd.

  • We asked several times for suggestions and feedback and based our current rules on that ( Fact is that most people just complain the whole time but don’t suggest something different/better. And also fact is that a cup with 64 players or 16 teams can’t be made on one evening, not with our current competitive scene. I think it would be more tardish to play on just one day where probably many people can’t play instead of giving the players/teams several days to play to make sure that the matches will actually be played. In fact 90% of all ESL cups are played this way, except for weekly or evening cups which are (as I mentioned in my first post) played on one day. I don’t think that only one gamemode should be played. That would become boring. In fact we want to use the weekly cups to try out different gamemodes. I think CTF has a lot of potential for example. And many people like LTS. The focus will be most likely on TO though.

    we ask every single one of you to give us ideas for what kind of cups we should do and what rules we should use.
    remember: its about a weekly cup, played at one single night.
    and we dont just want to decide on one single cupmode, but we want as much input as possible to give you a knew, different cup every week.
    and don’t confuse it with big cups, who are played over a long period of time for good reasons.

    !please do not use this thread for personal discussions!

  • CTF and it’s maps is a glitched out and does require according to me anyway largerscale teams limiting the amount of teams available to anticipate, as for LTS and TO together I do agree that we should do both, however as of now the postponing has been an shoe in my anus as for example the RK’s are fired up and gathered at the set time then we get a no and suddenly people cannot play. If a clan signs up to a CUP hence not tornament, they should have already discussed with their team if they can anticipate or not and what times. I think it’s actually EASIER for teams to focus on a specific date cause of right now, we see a time set for let’s say a cup, we gather people and get ready and 3 hours before people just bail out and say “we cant play” and then you suddenly have to show up on their terms for 3 more days.

    I do agree that mostly if it’s like 20+ teams it cant be played over a weekened but as said 16 teams CAN be made during an evening, as matches can be played simultaneously, we dont need 1 match at a time.

    And as stated during a period of 4 hours a 16 team cup can be narrowed down to semi-finals, wich could be played the evening after or later that night, with prepared judge and streamers.

    I have an example where we were prepared for a match and one of our guys even left his job abit earlier that evening to play and then 1-2 hours ahead the oposing team said “nah we dun ahve guys hurrdurr”. I suggest that we are those 10% of the ESL that actually do play on a set time and cant postpone matches for so long.

    Of course I dont mean that ALL matches should be played instantly or W.O but I think we need a more focused scene. for now anyway.

    And yes indeed dno, larger cups have a larger amoutn of time for good reasons. And im not “blaming” anyone or giving criticism to how it has been handled so far I have full understanding why long cups has been issued but for now I think that chivalry needs what you guys brought up, it’s an excellent idea with weekly cups. And it’s for sure something thats needed in our community right now.

    As for the suggestion thread, I will talk things over with RK and we will bring forth some arguments/solutions

    Let’s make chiv big!

  • As stated above the cups will be played on one evening.
    We will not give you the possibility to postpone any match.
    And we will most likely imply the checkin-system, which means you would have to sign up for the cup and then check in like an hour before the cup starts, to make sure only ppl/teams who are able to play will get in the tournament tree.
    once again i appreciate your help, but this has nothing to do with it, since every match of the weekly cups will have to be played in one night.

    So we agree that huge cups will need more time. and we need (slightly smaller) quick cups. and thats what we do now. :)

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