Rank Resetting

  • Hello, I’ve ranked up to 24 quite a few times and once up to 25 but it keeps resetting back to 23 for some reason. I’ve been playing on duel servers exclusively and on various ones, it’s the same on all of them. Didn’t have this problem before.

  • There seem to be a bug on the rank system atm. Multiple times it has reset my rank from 29 to 1 in matches on the new maps (CTF & King map). My rank goes back up to 29 if I join a new server or a new match begins. 1 time it reset it also said i needed 9999 kills with all weapons to unlock anything…

  • Just played a bit and it seems to stay 25 for the time being. However I have another problem, I seem to crash frequently between map changes, again, I’ve been on duel servers exclusively so I don’t know if it’s a duel map or a general thing.

  • Hi all, sorry for jumping in - but I have a similar problem:

    5 or 6 days ago, I was 16 (or 17, maybe), had a few matches with rank reset to 0, and then it went to 27 - and it’s still there. I couldn’t possibly progress that fast.
    It’s not too big of a problem, really (except people thinking I’m better than I am, LOL), but I have no idea what’s going on - will it stay there until I progress enough to be 28 and then switch up (so it’s actually adding numbers up under the hood, nevermind the display), or is it stuck?

    Not that it matters too much, I’ll probably still suck either way, but I just like the constant progress idea.
    Now that I’ve mentioned it, is there a max level one can reach?

  • @Sir:

    Now that I’ve mentioned it, is there a max level one can reach?


  • yes, it sometimes reset my rank to rank 0 and all my weapons also are locked again.

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