Is hammer the new Halbred

  • or was it always that way?

    that tiny hammer just hits so hard and is fast.

  • It was always that way.

  • The warhammer? What’s wrong with it?

    It’s worse than most secondaries against archers and MAAs, a broadsword kills them faster and from further away, and the poor reach and recovery is a problem against vanguards. It’s good against other knights because they’re the least capable of countering it with their own slow speed and limited range, and I believe the patch nerfed it in that aspect as it only kills knights in two hits if one is a headshot now.

    I liked using it with a norse sword before the patch, always with a shield as there’s no penalty unlike with other onehanded primaries. Now the shield is more of a liability, so if you see a knight with one you can take advantage of it with a kick when he gets close enough to swing his little hammer.

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