More death animations and cruelty

  • As you may have guessed by reading my other posts, I’m pushing for more gore and death animations. this one just popped into my head. GROIN SHOTS.

    just think about it, i love the little dance people do when the legs comes off or they catch fire, but imagine the amount of fun if you groin kick someone

  • If you groin kick a knight you would most likely hurt your own foot. Now if you stabbed them in the groin :o it will hurt like a mother trucker.

  • Perhaps they could add another hitbox for the groin.

    Just like in RO2, groin shots were almost an insta kill if you shot someone there and they had the appropriate “nutbreaking” kill icon.

    An animation would be needed from a groin kill. The player drops to their knee’s and fall onto their side while clutching their nether regions. An extra loud scream (much like the death from fire/boiling oil screams) or a simple but clear groan could be added.

    I guess it wouldn’t be hard to implement, making a hithox for the groin area, the only problem I could see would be the LACK of groin hitbox that archers would have. :P

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