Round 2 of DAG "The Beginning" 5vs5 TO Tourny: Vq. vs. Int.

  • The second round of the Dark Age Gaming 5 vs 5 Team Objective Tournament takes off with no delays! We have an amazing game in store for you today as two very skilled teams face off against each other and show off their skills. Vanquish, the winners of the first Dark Age Gaming LTS tournament, test their mettle against the dueling specialists of Interitus! Who will prevail in this match that comes down to the line as we count every second?! Tune in to find out!

    Main host: Dr.Nick
    Cohost: HeighofAbsurdity



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  • First off: Great cast! You guys did great and focused on the battles, making it very enjoyable to watch. Also, hi HeighofAbsurdity!

    So, what can I say about the match?
    Holy. Fuck.
    This is the best match I’ve ever seen in Chivalry. Both teams did great! Like, both teams clashed together, lots of intense battles and smart play from both of them. But even with that said, Vq did the best play on attacking. They almost completely focus on the objective, not even bothering winning the encounters every now and again. And the last Objective, they did the smart thing of going for the hardest one first, making the other two easier to complete. Not saying that Int did bad, they did excellent, but Vq outsmarted them.
    The Archers, OH THE ARCHERS! Those two, Russian and Moose. Holy hell, they are the reason why I fear archers. Even in close combat they shouldn’t be underestimated. It was really intense to see them fight. Once one of them was down, the other one pretty much had free reign to shoot. It is kinda both teams fault that no one really went with a shield. A lot of lives could have been saved.
    The melee fights where intense. Speeding/slowing slashes, feints, look-down overheads, every trick in the book was used. Really enjoyable to watch.

    Also. Knil. Holy fucking hell, those triples.


    Oh, and by the way Nick. Next time: Go shift+tab, press profile, enable Offline. That way, there will be no steam popups in the recording. Just a tip mate. :)

  • Thanks for the feedback and I’m glad you enjoyed it :D I will be disabling the friends list for most games in the future. The reason I left it on for my casts was because I often needed to get messages about server passwords or interviews from certain people.

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