Server always lags

  • I keep having problems hosting servers on my setup. At 16 players the server is fine. At 32 players it lags occasionally and the hit detection is quite awful. At 64 players it’s completely unplayable. Everyone teleports and the hits are nonexistant. Larger maps tend to lag less than small ones but for the most part maps don’t matter. I am hosting using the dedicated server tool from within Steam itself (so it auto updates for me). I have been able to join other 64 slot servers and 32 slot that do not lag whatsoever, and if they do it’s definitely nothing like what my server does. I heard about changing the bandwidth rates and server tick rates and stuff but there are no real guides on how to set them up properly. The cpu is not overtaxed at all. And yes, it lags regardless if I’m playing along with hosting or not. I host servers for other games that I have absolutely no problems with. It’s just chivalry that lags so badly. I read about checking showdebug while logged in as admin. People say it should be 33.3ms or lower to prevent lag. Mine says it’s only 3ms. That makes no sense to me. If i decrease or increase the server’s tickrate the server ms does not change at all (I may be changing it improperly though)

    Here is my setup:

    Intel Core i7 3770K (Overclocked to 4.6 GHz)
    12 GB DDR3 1600 MHZ RAM
    Geforce GTX 580
    Auzentech Prelude 7.1
    Asrock Z77 Extreme4

    Internet: Verizon FiOS
    58Mbps download speed | 35Mbps upload speed

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  • While you have a great system setup to be a client, server architecture optimization is a bit different.

    You’re seeing lag due to your home PC running the server and the client, and it’s not built to run as a server. I do the same thing at home and find my limit is about 20 players before the lag gets too high for those connecting.

  • What exactly is the difference? Especially if the server lags even if I’m not running the client at the same time. The server cpu usage is less than 2% even when completely full. So why would it be lagging? I can host multiple 64 player source dedicated servers, a web server, multiple Nightfire servers, a minecraft server, an FTP server, remote desktop, and many other things all simultaneously without a single bit of lag, but Chivalry can’t sustain +32 players without it being teleportation-city. Something has to be wrong with the configs or something. It doesn’t make any sense.

    And it also wouldn’t make sense that say if i bought a server CPU that’s less than half the power of my current CPU, it would magically make the server run fine. From what I can see the main difference between a server CPU and a desktop cpu is the ability to run ECC ram

  • Server’s contain much larger buses than desktops computers so that they can direct data between the memory and CPU(s) at a much quicker speed. Being that they are designed to suit multiple users at once, whereas your home PC is designed to suit one user at a time, this increased bus size comes in handy.

    Also, many, if not most, server motherboards contain multiple CPU slots. Where as you may have 4 cores in your one CPU, a server may very well have two CPUs installed. This again, mixes with the large bus speeds and their surplus of RAM.

    Software-wise, servers are designed to focus on server operations. A windows desktop is loaded with all sorts of services to make your computing experience nicer, prettier, and more convenient. These all take a toll in the CPU operations and RAM usage, which means that you’ll host a server slower than an ACTUAL server machine would.

    As you said, you can run many other applications at once and not have a problem. This fault lies within Chivalry itself. It’s a newer game that still suffers from heavy memory usage & leaking. With all those clients connected to your desktop-oriented PC, it’s bound to slow down.

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  • We’re talking a single-threaded application using less than 200 MB of ram. It’s sole purpose is simply snapshotting the game world, updating player positions, calculating any physical changes, and sending that data back to the other players. There is not much to it. Hardly anything goes in the average chivalry match. There are no complex explosions or physics to calculate (the ragdolls are client sided, no physics to be heard of), no gunfire, no vehicles, and every player moves in a snail pace.

    With that being said, I have a copy of windows server 2008 R2 installed on another hard drive with barebones services configured, and it didn’t change anything about the lag

  • bump again… there has to be some config setting to improve it…

  • Try:


    In PCServer-UDKGame.ini

  • Thank you for your reply, unfortunately I haven’t been able to test it thoroughly due to not getting past about 28 players the last couple of days

  • And when running the server in non-server operating system you always need to set priority to AboveNormal or high. Or the program may suffer from CPU or IO priority loss.

  • i purchased process lasso for that

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