Massive Duel Mode Bug

  • Not surpringly, I tried posting this in the right section, I tried searching in the search bar to see if this was talk about but it would constantly bring me to ERROR 404. so I have to post my message here.

    Duel mode…. ooooh how I use to love duel mode. I had a lot of fun, people were for the most part respecting each other. and most importantly, they were a sense of real duels going on because other soldiers would wait on the side until you finish your battle, you could even go and attack if your health wasnt regenerated, or you could just stand on the side and watch people play. People were always honoring their enemy by saying : GF ( Good Fight ) they were saluting each other before a battle. It was organised and yes sometime you had people who wouldnt respect the rules, but they would get kick or killed.

    Now, after the patch, and dont get me wrong here, I love everything else from the patch, one couldnt ask for more of them… But as it stands now, the duel mode is a huge mess. It is so buggy it made me rage quit.

    Everytime, that I would type to chat with people, and that the screen changed, it would bug the whole interface. It would make your mouse disapear, or it would make you a spectator, it would just stop you from being able to to anything. Next, when you click “M”, it brings you to the class option and you have NO CHOICE than to choose another class, or to choose the same class, there is no option to cancel that button. and it is really annoying. For some reason, in the thick of battle, I often confuse “TAB” with “M”. I know it sound stupid, but it is what it is. I keep forgetting that “M” doesnt bring the scoreboard, rather it brings this window you cant choose to cancel.

    There is a few other bugs that ton really bug me, such as aim disapearing when you choose a archer class sometime ( even though archers dont really belongs in duel… ) But really, my main problem here is the lonenly ship feeling I have now when playing duel, people dont say GF anymore, and this means that all social contact are close, people will kill you if your AFK, or if your in the middle of writting, or if you salute them before fighting. And these arent the devs fault. But in a sense it is because the way they did duel, it makes a person feel like he his alone. instead of feeling the camaraderie that one should feel in a duel, with your fellow soldier watching the battle and screaming. or waiting for you. Talking is made so difficult and so buggy, that it is better not to talk at all…

    Older homemade duel server had just so much more to offer than this robot version we have. I dont know how else to explain the feeling… If you played Duel before, you probably know what I mean.

    So yeah, that was my rant, the objective of this message is to show that the duel mode is really buggy. and that it lacks companionship or…it lacks life. it seems like were just in a single player video game now. I would rather like seeing the other guys around the combatant and running to the destination like in the old days.

  • Yeah Ive posted the complaint about the intrusive menu screen popping up after the battle has ended.

    That is the main reason people dont say GF as much anymore.

    No less respect or anything, just bad user interface design. I think they must have given all the menu navigation to a noob intern while the real developers worked on the engine.

    Hopefully the next patch they will fix all the crappy navigation and user interface design. As usual the real developers will have to redo the code…

  • yes lets hope so. I am very confident on them fixing it. Since the release, the game have went so much better.

  • Yeah this still isnt fixed.
    I can’t type to my duel mate anymore, I just lose all mouse control and cant even click Join the Pool. Have to wait for the time-out.

  • Basically the only way to type at all in Duel mode without going insane is to hit ~, type "say " and then proceed with typing, since the intrusive interface can’t interrupt the console.

    Doing this at all times in Duel and never using T/Y saves a lot of frustration, but it’s not exactly nice to have to chat through the console.

    Off topic, but an interesting note is you can tell when someone is using tilde to type because the space between their name and their comment will be about half as big as everyone else’s.

  • Yea I get this bug happening quite often… the only way to get out of it is with some random spam combination of TAB and ESC, seems to get you out of it eventually… annoying though.

  • I am sure it will be fixed before the year is out…

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