A port to OUYA

  • Having seen this on kickstarter I’m sure many other people have noticed the OUYA console and it looks awesome. I was curious if at some junction in time this game could be released for the OUYA or if that would be too iffy given that it’s going to be a new console. I’d love to be able to play this game on not my PC.

    The game looks amazing

  • A move to even the Xbox 360/PS3 would be a great challenge for us to accomplish.
    Trying to get the game working on the Ouya would be even harder.

    Maybe for a future title? :)

  • Developer

    I don’t know the exact specs of the OUYA, but I don’t believe it will be powerful enough to have a hope of running Chivalry. If I’m wrong then maybe we’ll see but what I know of it leads me to believe its not realistic to hope for at the moment.

  • It uses the nVIDIA Tegra 3. So unless you have Resident Evil 4 levels of graphical trickery up your sleeves, I don’t think it’ll cut it. Excuse the pun.

  • K I see your problem :) still I’m excited for this game I’ll definitely buy it…unless it happens to come out during the semester in which case it’ll make a good christmas/easter/may gift-to-myself

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