People with Veteran Helms after Update?

  • First off, I created a profile here just to report this, how should I put it? Bug?

    Right then, I was playing earlier and noticed people using veteran helms after the update, I couldn’t believe it myself but here is proof:


    This isn’t the first time I saw people wearing them after the update but it is the first time I took a screenshot of it. I still cannot like most people use them it seems to be only a lucky few. I asked a guy who was wearing one how he kept his helm but he was really unhelpful and didn’t answer my question and instead got mad at me so I decided to leave. Has anyone else seen stuff like this?

  • Photo doesn’t seem to show up for me, but I did lose my helmet after the update and I have seen a few people with veteran helmets. I assume they simply unlocked it after the update, but I’m unsure.

    I’d love for a fix for this soon that doesn’t have to wait over a month in order to just be the part of a group update.

  • My veteran helmets came back suspiciously after I ranked up. Perhaps that has something to do with it. Go gain a rank and see!

  • Ranking up works. My friend ranked up and got all his helmets back.

    LOL. There’s your fix.

    Also when people unlock them for the first time they keep them.

    God dammit I ranked up to level 30 right before the patch. Now I gotta. Wait either for a new patch or till I rank up.

  • I am currently level 26 I think, and I have ranked up after the update but my helms are still gone. Also I unlocked all vanguard weapons after the update but still no helms. I can’t see the picture either now, I will re upload it.

  • how i got mine back:

    go to helmet configuration menu
    reset to defaults
    change your helms to veteran

    my helmets have returned to me… all of them

  • none of these ideas have worked for me, patch please i have unlocked EVERY knight weapon

  • my fix worked for me. You have to keep in mind also that if you are already playing in a game, this change won’t take effect either until the next map or server change or something. It does seem to work though and most ppl i’ve talked to it works for them.

  • Clayton-bigsby, I have unlock all the primary weapons in both knight and archer but when i try your fix i don’t even have the option to change my helmet.

  • This has been addressed and will automatically fix for everyone after the hotfix is released.

  • @adamxn:

    Clayton-bigsby, I have unlock all the primary weapons in both knight and archer but when i try your fix i don’t even have the option to change my helmet.

    i think you have to unlock ALL the weapons actually and not just the primaries to unlock the helmet. I don’t think you actually have them unlocked yet. I think you get an achievement or something for each class when you complete it, so if you don’t have that… i don’t think you have the helms. I don’t have the option to change, but when i reset to defaults, and save it, i can then change to the veteran helmets. but as i said… you have to have had them unlocked obviously. Doing this possible temp fix will not magically make the helms appear if you have not unlocked them. Pardon if you have… i guess it doesn’t work for everyone but everyone on teamspeak i’ve told to try it that doesn’t have their helms back yet, it’s worked for them so idk.

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