Karma points + barking Tkillers with donkey head

  • What if for every team dmg, player would get one negative karma point. On reaching some number of negative points player would get a donkey helmet and insted of voice commands a battle cry he would bark. It would be fun and other players would be alerted that he is dangerous for his teammates. Team damage on players with donkey heads wouldnt be punished for karma points. Only kills would. So players could hit him for few times if they want revenge :D . Karma would get better after time by winning matches, getting kills and so on.

  • I like that idea

  • It might encourage people to TK just so that they can unlock this helmet.

  • @Coaster_Man:

    It might encourage people to TK just so that they can unlock this helmet.

    Yes. Comradery, honor, I’d easily discard it all. I truly would kill for a donkey helmet.

  • Serious; So then just make it unlock for a single match/session on a server.

    Silly; Indeed. This needs to be implemented so that the glorious braying of our donkey hordes may sweep across the maps.

  • Cool idea, but I think it would need a slight change, a donkey head just seem so out of place. But maybe a jester outfit? and turn the weapon into a jester staff aswell?

  • @Coaster_Man:

    It might encourage people to TK just so that they can unlock this helmet.

    While I absolutely love this idea, the unfortunate reality is this is precisely what would happen. It’d encourage tking.

    The human race is moving towards a culture of silliness rather than the culture of shame in the past, after all.


    (full wallpaper here)

  • I liked the idea of having regular TKers spawn as a filthy peasant…

    …in the enemy spawn.

  • @NikolaiLev:


    Oh my gog I want it even more now than I ever even realized.

  • Very funny, as a added bonus don’t allow donkey headed players to attack and give no penalty to anyone who kills a donkey headed player. Make their donkey spawn time 5 minutes even if they leave the game. When they try to swing make it just bray eeee ah!

  • The thing is, if we implement this, we’ll also need to implement a forgive system. That way, accidental wounds and kills won’t be penalized.

  • very good ideas you should do something whit the TK faggots, also a limitation in spamming vote kick and vote maps is fucking shit this y.y

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