• ¿Have you guys played fallout 3? This is kind of a fallout mode for chivalry.

    In fallout, when you hurt yourself relly bad, you get your arms, legs or even head broken. And, when that hapens, you become cripple and faulty. I want some of that in chivalry. I have in mind something like this:

    • Somebody cut your left arm, then your player just have one arm, so you take your one-handed sword and start using it until you bleed. If you are avaible to kill the guys and escape, you can survive. The rest of the game, you have to play one-armed cause you are still faulty.

    • Somebody cut your leg, the rest of the game you spend stamina everytime you run, because you got a wooden leg.

    • Somebody damage your head, making it explode or cutting it, the rest of the game, everytime u got hitten or everytime you got half of your stamina, you start seeing the red before death.

    • All one-handed weapons are available for everybody. Vanguard got available, as secundary weapons, two handed knight´s weapons (using them with two hands).

    This shit is secundary for the game, I was just thinking out loud. The game needs, with some urgency, to be bug-fixed. I can´t play some parts of the game that I use to like, like the catapult, I was a ballistic hell for those peasants while using it.

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