Flail animation blocking

  • I am posting this here as I amnot sure if the animation is working at intended, however I see issues with the way it is currently working.

    Often times the "chain will lock up, and stop moving, this doesn’t ever seem to affect combat but i thought I ould mention it.

    Now on to the balance issue.

    Flails and left side (alt) attacks. The ball seems to hang straight down, we have been taught to block and parry the point of a weapon many times I have notice that the ball sometimes appears to hang straight down, on left side (alt) attacks. This is very deceiving as the it appears that the attack point is at the point of the handle, and that is simply not the case, you have to block much further over or it will bypass the shield.

    I can already hear the block to extreme folks chiming in and that is a solution for now, but it shoudl be fixed. I shouldn’t have to block to the extreme left and right unless abosultely neccessary. Extreme rotations like that force us to have to change our position and potentially give up ground all for a seemily glitchy mechanic.

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