"Ghost Swings"

  • I’ve noticed this bug quite a few times, but occurs most often in the place of the recently fixed idle flinch bug.
    It happens in the following scenario;
    Player A attacks Player B at some point in their windup, the flinch occurs but the animation for Player B’s attack still shows but does no damage.
    This is a big pain as it can confuse Player A into parrying leaving him wide open for retaliation.
    Is this because of the idle flinch bug being patched?
    Video coming soon.

  • This is one of the biggest annoyances out there since day 1, i agree and needs to be taken care of.

  • It is indeed an annoying bug. We’ve had separate issues with ghost swings before which were fixed, so hopefully these can be dealt with soon as well. It does definitely appear to be tied to flinching with an attack queued, the client and server seem to be getting mixed messages about whether the player is flinched or not.

  • Ghost swings, animation desync’s (latency compensation) and the parry bug are the first things I would currently try to fix. Nothing, NOTHING is more infuriating than gaming visuals that straight up lie to your face, usually resulting in your death.

    If Chivalry were a person, it’d be one sick, twisted son of a bitch. Laughing hysterically as people desperately try to block invisible swings, react to desynced animations and parry unparryable attacks.

    What a dirty rat bastard.

  • There is also the opposite bug:

    players who attack w/o animation. Though it happens quite rarely and I haven’t figured out what it causes. I suppose a bad connection, but that’s a wild guess.

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